Vortex Spacer (Pari Medical Ltd) 1 device

Type Small Volume Spacer
Warranty details Replace the Vortex after 60 disinfection cycles and, if used daily, at the latest after a year.
Dimensions 15.7cm length, 5.4cm width
Price £6.37

Training material

Technique with multibreath (tidal breathing)

Technique with single breath

Technique with child (single & multibreath)

Cleaning Instructions

Place all disassembled components in warm tap water with a little dishwashing liquid for at least 5 mins. Rinse all parts thoroughly in running water. Run tap water through the Inhalation chamber. This ensures that the valve in the moutpiece is decongested and its position can be corrected if necessary. You can remove excess water more quickly by shaking all parts.
Vortex Spacer (Pari Medical Ltd) 1 device - RightBreathe


Compatible and licensed

Compatible but not licensed